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Tantra Chair 3D presentation by DrawingArt. The Tantra Chair is a modern chaise designed to enhance the advanced sexual positions of the Kama Sutra. The Tantra Chair sexual positions guide and film shows us how we can enhance the time honored positions of The Kama Sutra with ease and comfort. The Tantra Chair ® is the original furniture design created to maximize The Kama Sutra. Enjoy new, exciting sexual positions in The Tantra Sex Chair! ‎ Films · ‎ Tantra Sex Chair · ‎ How It Works · ‎ The Tantra Chair Design.

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Our section of sex furniture for lovers includes the largest variety of sex beds and mattresses, chairs and arm chairs, furniture with bondage and restraint Click the play button. To start with, he's able to kiss. The Tantra Chair gently guides and changes your pelvic angles during lovemaking creating amazing new sensations and unparalleled comfort. Presented at the Comanche Territory show as the perfect couch for kamasutra and sexual positions. You will lose yourself in the experimentation and sex women gay prison sex. Is this one rear entry, or is it sitting.