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More than 60% of women fantasize about being dominated sexually, so we offer some dominant sex positions in this illustrated (NSFW) article!. Not if you emerge right into one of LELO's top positions for morning sex — so rise and shine, here they are! Morning Sex Positions. We've shown you the best dominant sex positions that put him in control in the The Hot Seat does anything but let you sit back and relax.

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Riding High: Top 4 On-Top Sex Positions. Have a look at this article to give you some tips! Remaining face to face, you can frustrate his efforts to enter you deeply while giving complete view of your body. This position requires strength from the penetrating partner, or the receiver can sit on a counter or table. While he leans back onto his hands, yours are free to run over his chest, neck and back, or you can simply lean back, place your hands on his knees, and grind against his hips. The Bad: Requiring both flexibility from him and extreme care from you, you may not want to stay in the hot seat too long! lelo sex positions sex hot


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